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A Welcome Surprise

Radio Accessories You Remember

When I acquired a second-hand Yaesu 'Frog' (FRG-100) recently, and inspecting it on arrival, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that underneath, in its own dedicated little compartment, the radio still had the laminated card with the World's time zones on one side, and a handy FRG-100 reference guide on the other. What a nice surprise. I have bought and sold several of these radios, and none of them had had this card preserved before.  It is useful for DXing, of course, or you can take this away on your travels. It is things like this, or the arrival of a particularly beautiful QSL card that still make the HF DXing hobby so enjoyable. Have you any such accessories or QSL cards yourself, or do you know someone who has a collection? If so, I would like to hear from you/ them for the magazine! Take care and stay safe.  

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