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Three Miniature Radio Weather Instruments


Meteoradio for your Suitcase

A Small Meteoradio Station 

For those of you who are interested in using your radio equipment for the monitoring of weather and climate change, take a look at RadioUser, October 2021: 45-52, for a general introduction. If space is an issue, or if you are travelling around a lot, why not take your weather radios with you. Here are some small devices that you can easily fit into a pilot case or bag: The diminutive Mörer Infobox WIB2D will store up hundreds of NAVTEX messages for you and has a reliable bar graph display too. If you are out and about at sea or transferring a boat, this is a great way to stay informed about the weather around the British Isles, but it works just as well in the shack.

Next off, the little ATS-20 wideband receiver may not be a DX machine (RadioUser, December 2021:40-41, but you can make it into a nifty HF VOLMET receiver quite easily; you might have to tune it slightly off-frequency though, in USB. Finally, don’t forget your favourite scanner. I use the Uniden Bearcat UBC 125 XLT. Look for the best VHF frequency for your Maritime Safety Information Broadcast (MSIB). It is Holyhead Coastguard for me, on 160.7750KHz. Reliable voice forecasts every three hours. Take these three methods together, and you’ll never be without weather data on the road, or when out fishing.

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What other gear do you use to monitor the weather? Let me know and we can share your experiences with our readers.

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