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Time Signals and NDB with FDM-SW 2


A Sensitive SDR

The ELAD FDM DUOr |  FDM-SW 2 Combination

have had my ELAD FDM DUOr for a while now, but it is only now that I have had the opportunity to connect it up to the PC and use it in conjunction with the software ELAD FDM-SW 2. I have been looking at the NDB band, in the daytime, and I was impressed with what I could see. 337.5kHz is my ‘local’ beacon here at Warton, but just look how many others you can find on the screenshots here. Moreover, I continue to be fascinated by Standard Frequency and Time (SFT) stations. The image here shows the 60kHz time beacon from Cumbria and the 77.5kHz station DCF 77 from Mainflingen in Germany. FDM SW 2 is intuitive to use and enjoy playing with the various parameters and degrees of magnification. We are reviewing the successor-model to my radio, the ELAD FDM S-3 in the April issue of RadioUser, do take a look at these remarkable and versatile radios.


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