VLF Radio: INSPIRE Project Journal 2022


Calling on All VLF Monitors

Get Yourself a Great VLF Receiver  

The INSPIRE Project is an educational initiative run by NASA and includes aspects of (VLF) radio. The 2022 edition of The INSPIRE Journal is jam-packed with inspiring student-led STEM endeavours, VLF receiver observations, updates on NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, plus eclipse photos and information in anticipation of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

There is also a very interesting article on A VLF-3 Station in an RFI Environment: Promoting Radio Astronomy for Education. You can order an INSPIRE VLF-3 Kit VLF Receiver from the e-mail address, below. We have featured this receiver in RadioUser before.  

(Source: Eva Kloostra | INSPIRE Project)


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