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Weather Fax Software


Three Brilliant Software Suites for Images and Maps

Software for Weather Maps and Images

Conditions seem to be favourable at the moment, for the reception of weather facsimile images and maps (WXFAX) via short wave radio. My main two sources for these are the Joint Operational Meteorology and Oceanography Centre (JOMOC) in the UK, and the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst) near Hamburg in Germany. The best frequencies right now seem to be 4608.2kHz (USB) and 7878.2 (USB). Try out the best frequencies at your location and tune around. I use three different pieces of software for this: (1) There is SeaTTY, an old stalwart, that I have been using for years. (2) Zorns Lemma (11.42), again, I have had this on my PC for over a decade now; and (3) Black Cat HF Weather Fax Decoder. See the images on this page. The weather has been, well, quite ‘inclement’ here in the Ribble Valley of late, to say the least, and I use my radio to get updates in between the official BBC weather forecasts, and other sources. Which Fax/ RTTY software do you use? Let me know and get in touch.  The links between weather and radio/ TV reception are currently being explored in Keith Hamer’s and Garry Smith’s mini-series Isobars to Millibars, and the magazine covers all aspects of radio weather watching, as well as propagation and space weather, on a regular basis. Make sure you check back with us regularly.

Black Cat:

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