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Weather Fax with ELAD & Reuter


A Stormy Picture, Clearly-Received

ELAD & Reuter: A Winning Combination

I have been using my ELAD FDM-DUOr receiver for the first time today, and I thought I'd give Weather Fax (WEFAX) reception a go. The maps shown here show one of the many different forecasts you can get; this one is for wave height 48 hours from now. The transmission comes from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Pinneberg, on 7878.1 kHz (USB). A bit stormy out there, to say the least. See if you can spot the UK underneath all these arrows.

The aerial I used was the Reuter R3 Indoor Loop, shown here on another frequency with the ELAD. This combination or aerial and receiver works very well up for WEFAX here in Lancashire, the Reuter is very sensitive, and can be 'electronically' rotated with the Control Unit. Very handy if you have no room for a large outdoor aerial. 

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I am selling it too (the aerial); so e-mail me if you are interested: [email protected]  

(GW 100221)