Weather Graphics Made Easy


Using the Internet Function in Zorns Lemma 11.42

Always ake the Weather With You 

Today, I have left my AOR AR7030 disconnected from my PC and weather software. Like a number of other, similar, software suites, Zorns Lemma 11.42 has an Internet-Function. This allows you to download up-to-the-minute weather data, from weather stations, ships, buoys and many other locations to your PC as a Synoptic File. The software will then offer you the facility to displays these as weather maps, with a customisable range of information displayed on it. It is easy to 'overload' these maps, so I normally limit myself to atmospheric pressure, wind arrows, temperatures, and a few other data.

The images were made in May 2021 and show some interesting features. Today, for example, here in Lancashire, it seems we are sitting in the eye of a Deep Low. Which explains why it is so relatively quiet at the moment. 

For the final image, I have switched the AOR back on and tuned it to 147.3kHz (USB; offset 145.4kHz), in order to receive the German Weather Service (DWD) Long Wave RTTY data.  Excellent readability, but no pictures transmitted, unlike on the DWD short wave frequencies (e.g. 7646 [7644.1)kHz. Still, one learns about military exercises, general shipping, and such matters.


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