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Wireless Power Transmission Using 10 GHz


In the Footsteps of Nikola Tesla

Groundbreaking Research

Paul Jaffe KJ4IKI and a team at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have succeeded in transferring 1.6kW of power over a 1 km path using 10GHz. The US Navy describes it as being "the most significant power beaming demonstration in nearly 50 years."

The aim was to demonstrate power beaming of 1 kW of electrical power over a distance of 1 km using 10 GHz. The two sites used were the U.S. Army Research Field at Blossom Point in Maryland and The Haystack Ultra-Wideband Satellite Imaging Radar (HUSIR) transmitter at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Researchers stated: “The reason for setting those targets is to push this technology farther than has been demonstrated before. You don’t want to use too high a frequency as it can start losing power to the atmosphere. 10 GHz is a great choice because the component technology out there is cheap and mature. Even in heavy rainfall, loss of power is less than five per cent.”

In Maryland, the team exceeded their target by 60 per cent by beaming 1.6kW just over 1 km. At the Massachusetts site, the team did not have the same peak power, but the average power was much higher thereby delivering more energy. Jaffe said these demonstrations pave the way for power beaming on Earth, in space, and from space to Earth using power densities within safety limits set by international standards bodies [ … ].

Read about the history of this kind of research in Tesla’s autobiography, My Inventions (pictured).

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(Source: American Navy | Colin Butler | ICQ Amateur/ Ham Radio Podcast)