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2020 CW Open


A Record-Setter


The CW Open for 2020 is now just around the corner. This year might be a record-setter for both participation and QSO counts.  If the weekly CWTs, ARRL Field Day, the IARU contest and more are any indication, it should be a great time.  Hopefully, the propagation will also be favourable and the bands will be filled up with GLOBAL signals from all three ITU Zones.


As in the past, the CW Open is scheduled for the first weekend of September.


The three sessions are as follows:


Session           Date                Time

1                      Sept 5              0000 – 0359z

2                      Sept 5              1200 – 1559z

3                      Sept 5              2000 – 2359z


We all probably have more time on our hands this year, so hopefully, participation will be up for all three sessions.  However, should your schedule not allow three-session participation, please jump in for 1 or 2 sessions.  It is also a great time to start thinking about putting your 2020 teams together. 


The website has been updated for 2020 (Thanks Theo – SV2BBK), so if you have your team feel free to get it registered.  Just follow the instructions on the CWOps web site on the CW Open drop down.


The rules this year will be the same as for the 2019 CW Open.  The only change for 2019 (that will remain for 2020) will be the elimination of the 100 QSO rule to qualify for a Regional award.  It has always been easy for Region 1 and 2 to qualify for the awards, but the propagation makes it hard to impossible for Region 3 to reach the old 100 QSO minimum.  With that award qualification rule once again eliminated the Region 3 disadvantage is gone!

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I am also very pleased to report that ICOM will once again be the CW Open Awards Sponsor.  If you have previously won one (or more) of these trophies or plaques you know they are outstanding.   I have not yet been so fortunate but will be trying to qualify again this year.


Finally, I would like to introduce you to the current 2020 ITU Regional Communication and Promotion team.  A couple of past year team members are back again (THANK YOU !!) but there is an opportunity for another Region 1 member and multiple Region 3 members. 


ITU Region 1               G3LDI              Roger

ITU Region 1               F6HKA            Bert

ITU Region 2               K7SV               Lar

ITU Region 3(north)    - OPEN -

ITU Region 3(south)   VK2BJ             Barry


In the coming weeks, you will be seeing additional communications coming from your Regional CW Open representatives and myself.  Please look for them and mark the CW Open date and session times on your calendars.  Remember, you don’t need to be on the Communication Team to spread the word.  Please feel free to forward any CW Open messages to your respective clubs and reflectors.  Also, you don’t need to be a CWOps member to participate in the CW Open.


Thanks for participating in the 2019 CW Open.  I hope to have you in my log for all three sessions of the 2020 CW Open.



Bruce – N1LN


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