The May issue of Practical Wireless is out today!

12 April 2018

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Radio User: Bands of Plenty

29 March 2018

The winter short wave schedules come to a close on Sunday, March 28th and the A18 season commences; we also move into…

New RadioUser Series on Spy Radio

07 March 2018

From May 2018, RadioUser magazine will begin a new series on the role of Radio During the Cold War. Our authors will…

Trevor Baylis (1937-2018)

07 March 2018

Trevor Baylis CBE, the creator of the wind-up radio passed away this week. Baylis was, arguably, one of Britain’s…

Welcome to our new online home!

20 February 2018

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Short circuit: A Morse Code Practice Oscillator

31 January 2018

Maybe not state-of-the-art technology but Wally Sawyer G7FHN offers a quick and easy project for a Morse code practice…

Carrying on the Practical Way: Fun with a Tripod

24 January 2018

Richard Constantine G3UGF describes a simple winter project that could be ideal for those forthcoming spring days when…

Radio User December 2017: ndb dxing

31 December 2017

Robert Connolly expands on some of the NDB antenna matters raised in his last column and offers tips regarding maritime…