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A New Biography of James Clerk Maxwell.


A first look at a ground-breaking new biography of one of the key pioneers of the Electrical Age.

James Clerk Maxwell – Pioneer of the Electrical Age

In the April 2020 issue of RadioUser, I am planning another instalment of our Pioneers in Radio series, based on some recent publications. The arrival of a brand-new biography of James Clerk Maxell (1831-1879), the ground-breaking Scottish physicist (by Brian Clegg), gave me the opportunity to see how the new book stacks up in comparison with some older - much-respected - titles on the subject. This will be of interest to any of our readers who is fascinated by the history of science, by how 'radio' came about, and by the interaction between magnetism and electricity. I hope that my book review essay will be a good starting point, for a better understanding Maxwell’s Equations, and an insight into Maxwell built on the work of others, such as Michael Faraday (1791-1867), who has also been portrayed in RadioUser before (RadioUser, January 2019: 46).

Don’t miss the April issue of the magazine, and collect all parts of this ongoing series.

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