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Absolute Radio


Leaving Medium Wave

Turning off all AM Frequencies

Bauer removed Absolute Radio from Medium wave in January and turned off all AM frequencies for the station across the country. Absolute Radio launched exclusively on AM (as Virgin Radio) 30 years ago in 1993 using predominantly 1215 kHz along with fill-in relays on 1197, 1233, 1242 and 1260kHz.


Some of these have been turned off in recent years in places such as Devon, Merseyside and Tayside. Whilst this is a historic milestone for the radio industry, it shouldn’t affect many listeners as just two per cent of all radio listening currently takes place on AM. Absolute Radio also lost its FM frequency in London in 2021 in favour of the ever-expanding Greatest Hits Radio network.


The move makes Absolute Radio a digital-only service, broadcasting nationally on DAB and online. 1215kHz – or 247 meters, was previously used by BBC Radio 1 when it launched, and later, BBC Radio 3. Prior to 1967, it was used by the BBC Light Programme. In addition, Bauer has also announced licenses carrying Greatest Hits Radio in Staffordshire and Cheshire, Bradford & Huddersfield and Teesside will also be turned off. GHR is available on FM in West Yorkshire and will soon be available on FM in Staffordshire and Cheshire.


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(Sources: Bauer | RadioToday)



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