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Airband News


Airband Monitoring with the SDRPLay RSPdx

SDRPlay RSPdx: Listening to the Birds  

RadioUser has a regular Airband News column, written by our expert contributor David Smith each month. Since many Airband enthusiasts and flight tracking hobbyists now use Software-Defined receivers, alongside more tradition legacy airband scanners. One such radio is the SDRPlay RSPdx, so I tried out airband coverage with the help of the onboard scanner of this radio. The airspace over Lancashire is surely one of the busiest in the UK, and, with the help of my main Airband aerial, the Moonraker dual-band Airband receiving base antenna optimised for civil and military Airband, the RSPdx is kept busy on a continuous basis. The photographs show a screenshot, made on a relatively quiet Saturday, of the main European ACARS frequency (131.725MHz) in the Civil Airband, and of the RSPdx in action.  It is fascinating to watch the waterfall display, as signals come in and fade away again.


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