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The History of the Medium & Short Range Coast Radio Stations of Great Britain

Don't Miss Larry Bennett's New Book!

Following the success of his Portishead Radio book, RadioUser author Larry Bennett has just published a new book about the history of the UK's short/medium range Coast Stations (GNI, GLD, GND etc.). The book is now available to order.

Running to over 500 pages, the volume contains a full history of the service and chapters on each of the Coast Radio Stations operated by the British Post Office (and a few by Marconi/Lloyds) since the early 1900s.

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Numerous photographs and diagrams are included as well as numerous appendices. The RRP has been set as £17.99. A limited number of signed copies will be available to order via this website (the UK only). 

Ordering details will be promulgated as soon as possible, and a review of this title will appear in RadioUser in one of the forthcoming issues.  This book can also be ordered via Amazon and other online retailers.