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Amateur Radio Training


Bath Distance-Learning & RSGB News


Ham Radio Training News


Radio-training has emerged as one of the big topics, as the current Covid-19 lockdown (hopefully) nears its end. As far as the education of future amateur radio operators is concerned, in the forthcoming (May 2021) issue of RadioUser, Steve Hartley, G0FUW, will offer a wide-ranging profile of the Bath Distance-Leaning Course for Radio Amateurs, including course methodology, exam arrangements and uptake on the course.  


In related news, the RSGB is now, once again, able to resume exams for candidates who prefer to sit them in a club setting with in-person invigilation. The RSGB will start accepting bookings from club Examination Secretaries from the date when the Government lifts all Covid-19 restrictions in their part of the UK. There will be some changes to make the booking process more streamlined and details will be released in a later communication.


The image shows a Zoom-scene from the Bath Course (courtesy Steve Hartley).


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(Source: Steve Hartley, G0FUW; Tony Kent, G8PBH, ESC Chair; Heather Parsons, Communications Manager, RSGB)


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