Amateur Television


The New Issue of CQ-DATV is Free to Download



The February issue of CQ-DATV has arrived and is ready for download. Here is a list of the contents offered in this issue:


•           News and World Round-up

•           A cheap ATV amp for 420-450 MHz

•           MiniTutiouner-Express advert

•           RF Power Measurement of Digital Signals

•           A New Minitiouner « Single Channel » Minitiouner-S

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•           Software drivers for RTL8232 based SDR dongles

•           Grass Valley Mixer Conversions - Part 25

•           Radio contest day: Old Mode and IARU Reg. 1 ATV

•           Antenna Range Tests of 5 cm Antennas

•           From the vault - Character Generator


N.B.: CQ-DATV back issues are all available at this website: