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AN-SOF Update


AN-SOF V8.2 in April 2023

Update of February 2023

The details of the latest update for the AN-SOF antenna analyser software suite are as follows: Firstly, most of the improvements are not directly "visible" to the user as attention has been focused on the calculation engine. Here is a preliminary description from the developers:

"Version, 8.20, brings significant enhancements to improve the software's accessibility and performance. The new release builds on the improvements made in version 8, with a focus on two key areas. Firstly, it provides an intuitive way to access data, making it easier than ever before to interact with graphs and results. Secondly, the calculation engine has been improved, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability. In addition, math libraries are now embedded in the software, eliminating the need to install external packages. With AN-SOF version 8.20, users can expect a faster, more powerful, and more accessible experience."

AN-SOF V8.2 is due for release towards the end of April.

In addition to this update, there is now also an 'interactive' user manual available on the AN-SOF website.


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Moreover, there is a simulation of a multi-band dipole for 3.7, 7.05, 14.2, 18.1, 21.2, and 28.5 MHz available on the website. There are 6 dipoles of almost half a wavelength each. They are all connected to the same feed point. This is a very good example of where simulation software is needed which is capable of accurately modelling very close wires.


(Source: AN-SOF | via Keith Rawlings)


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