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AOR Move Deeper into Digital Decoding


A Major Firmware Update

AOR Innovation at Waters & Stanton 

AOR have announced a major firmware update for their AR-DV1 and AR-DV-10 receivers, (already implemented in their flagship AR-5700D). This provides the ability to import, bookmark, and name-tag, Tetra network’s GSSI user group list, and to selectively decode voice communications.


This adds yet another digital mode to these receivers that already are capable of decoding DMR, NXDN, D-STAR, DPMR APCO 25, FUSION, ALINCO, D-CR, as well as all the popular analogue signals including FM AM SSB CW.


The firmware update requires a key, and these are available from

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AOR products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Waters and Stanton Ltd. Unit 1, Fitzherbert Spur, Farlington, Portsmouth PO6 1TT.


(GW 220221) 



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