Baofeng UV-9R Plus


Dual-Band Handheld Latest Version

A Popular Handie

Moonraker now stocks the latest version of this ever-popular handie,  and now with a 4.5W on 2m (SKU: 10-873). The radio comes complete with desktop charger, antenna, belt clip & high power 1800mAh battery. Among the key features of the radio are:

  • Frequency Range RX: 140-178/400-519MHz
  • Frequency Range TX: 140-174/400-470MHz
  • Channel Capacity: 128
  • Channel Spacing: 2.5/5/6.25/12.5/20/25
  • Dimensions: 110×58×33mm
  • Weight: 220g 
  • LCD Menu Operations
  • 50 CTCSS 105 CDCSS
  • 128 Channels
  • Voice Prompt FM Radio Built-in(65.0MHz-108.0MHz)
  • Torch Illumination
  • Dual Watch/Dual Display/Dual Band
  • Low Battery Alert
  • CTCSS Scanning
  • PC Programable
  • […]

For more details, please visit the product page on the Moonraker website.

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