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BBC Radio Stations COVID-19 Restrictions


New Visitor Policies at the BBC

 UK Radio Stations Coronavirus Restrictions

The BBC has implemented a new policy for all visitors to the BBC requiring visitors, guests and contributors to declare themselves fit before entering its buildings. The corporation is also taking preventative measures to allow more flexible or home working, and has increased the number of cleaners. A dedicated Coronavirus Support Line is launching today for staff and team leaders who might need advice. In the commercial sector, Global is limiting guests to its buildings, and trialling a remote working operation for a number of employees. The talkSPORT station and Virgin Radio UK owner News UK have halted all domestic and international business travel, including travel between different News UK locations. Luckily, all of its radio stations are in the same building in London. Earlier this week, Broadcast Radio offered its remote voice-tracking service Myriad Cloud Anywhere free of charge to its customers to allow presenters to work from home. Other playout systems in use by UK radio stations also provide the facility to remote-host radio shows.

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(Source: National Press; RadioToday, 11 March 2020)