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Berlin Wall Radio Event


Remember, Remember, the 9th of November




Commemorate the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Amateur Radio Station G15TKA and Bob Houlston have both been in touch to let RadioUser know about a very special radio initiative to commemorate the downfall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 2021:

"The fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989 will be the theme for our November on-air radio activity. We will follow the same format as before. A cypher will be transmitted and our objective will be to accurately copy the letter groups, and the key to be used to decipher the message. 

There will be four opportunities to receive the cypher from 1200z, 1500z, 1800z and 2100z. Operating frequencies 20 metres (approx 14.058) for daytime operation and 40 metres (7.028) and 80 metres (3.558) for evening operation.  Check RBN for precise frequency. GI5TKA will call CQ CQ BLW de GI5TKA GI5TKA.

Replying stations will exchange RST, Name, QTH and pass the over back to GI5TKA. GI5TKA will reply in kind and ask the station to standby to receive a further transmission and will proceed to send a cypher in random letters in groups of 5.

GI5TKA will also send the cypher key, to ensure we do not infringe licensing conditions, which will be letter shift plus 3. Receiving stations should copy the cypher and translate it using the simple key and email their answer to the e-mail below. Results will be published on the GI5TKA QRZ page.

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This activity will provide an excellent opportunity for copy practice and to sharpen your instant character recognition.  It will also remind us of what VIs did daily during the Second World War in service to King and Country, despite how bad band conditions were at that time.”


(Sources: | Amateur Radio Station G15TKA | Bob Houlston)

(Picture: cottonbro/ Pexels / Deutsche Welle, DW)

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