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bhi DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker


What to do with the bhi NES 10-2 MK4, if you are NOT a radio amateur

What to do with a bhi NES10-2 MK4 if you are not a Radio Amateur

I was recently sent the new DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker NES 10-2 MK4 by Graham at bhi. This is the latest incarnation of a series of bhi noise-suppressing speakers, and it has to be seen in the context of the other units and modules bhi produces. From visiting the website, you might get the impression that this kind of technology is primarily aimed at amateur radio operators, and it is true that, in this segment of the market, it will find its place in many new shacks. However, if you are not an amateur radio enthusiast, there are still a number of applications to be found for this high-tech gadget. In my short review in the April 2020 issue of RadioUser, I share a total of five uses for the speaker. Among those, the most important one for me has been to augment the speech intelligibility of broadcast speech signals on long, medium and short wave. I still derive most of my news from DXing, it can be fascinating to learn about alternative perspectives on world affairs, ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’, as it were, tuning in to the USA, India, China or Romania. France too is a favourite listening destination of mine, and I have found that the NES10-2 MK4 makes a big difference when listening to the likes of RTL on 234kHz. When it is a foreign tongue you are listening to, where understanding every word counts, it is hard to beat this little speaker. It makes the difference between mush and clear speech, in fact. I also use the speaker to audio-upgrade my local Airband signals.

Take a look at the April issue for my ideas on other ways to use the bhi NES10-2 MK4. Out soon.

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