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bhi NEDSP1962-KBD


Amplified DSP Noise Cancelling Module


Rid Yourselves of Noise for Good 


The new NEDSP1962-KBD Amplified DSP noise cancelling module replaces the obsolete NEDSP1062-KBD and can be retrofitted into many amateur radio extension speakers or older-style radios. The NEDSP1962-KBD incorporates DSP technology that identifies speech in noisy voice signals and removes the noise to leave clear speech.


The module provides up to 40dB of noise reduction over 8 filter levels and up to 65dB of tone reduction. The module comes pre-wired; it can be easily fitted into existing equipment, with all functions being controlled by a simple keyboard switch assembly. The NEDSP1962-KBD has the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology making the processed audio clearer and more intelligible.


The module has an onboard 5W Class D-type audio amplifier, which is very efficient, so any heat is dissipated through the PCB layout. The module is simply wired inside your extension speaker between the audio input and loudspeaker. It is powered from a suitable 10-18V DC power supply, and when the module is switched off, the audio bypass feature routes the signal directly through to the loudspeaker.


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The pre-wired switch assembly controls all the functions with two pushbuttons and two LEDs, which indicate the filter level and audio input overload. The NEDSP1962-KBD is supplied as a pre-wired assembly with a 2.1 mm power socket, audio (input and output) wires, keyboard switch assembly, and a full mounting kit, including professional labels and a user manual.


(Order code: NEDSP1962-KBD).


(Source: Graham Somerville | bhi)


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