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bhi - New Products


Check out the ATT2, LLC1 and ALD-010

Innovation and Development at bhi

Our friends at bhi Ltd. have been kept busy during the lockdown and we would like to thank our customers for their continuing support during these tough times. bhi has recently introduced the ATT2 high level to low-level audio converter. This new accessory is mainly for use on the bhi ParaPro EQ20 parametric audio equalizer range.  The ATT2 audio pad is a small passive device and converts high-level audio signals to low-level audio and was designed for use with amateur radio transceivers and receivers to enable a wider range of AF/volume adjustment on the radio equipment before the overload LED on the bhi ParaPro EQ20 unit comes on, making it less sensitive and easier to use.


The ATT2 accepts mono or stereo speaker level signals up to 1W (2.828V p-p into an 8Ω Speaker) and will attenuate the audio down to a line level of around 1V (line level at 10kΩ). The ATT2 is housed in a small ABS plastic enclosure and measures 55 x 25 x 18mm. Connections are a 3.5mm socket for the input and a 3.5mm plug lead on the output.  The ATT2 is priced at £19.95.


bhi has also improved the LLC1 isolated line level converter unit so that it can be also used as an isolated attenuator pad on the input side of the bhi EQ20 range by adding a small audio adapter cable, ALD-010 (3.5mm plug to 2 x phono sockets adapter lead, price £4.95). The LLC1 is still priced the same at £39.95 and would more suitable than the ATT2 if you were experiencing any earth ground loop or RFI issues.  For more information contact bhi:


Graham Somerville, MD bhi Ltd

22Woolven Close

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Burgess Hill

West Sussex

RH15 9RR

Tel: 01444 870 333

[email protected]



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