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Bonito AntennaJet AAS 300


German Quality at ML&S

Antenna Splitter Made in Germany

Bonito’s brand new active antenna signal splitter AntennaJet AAS300 is splitting the signal from one antenna to 3 different receivers simultaneously. The AntennaJet has a wideband (>300MHz) and ultra-low noise amplifier and can share one antenna up to 3 different receivers which can be tuned to fully different frequencies, without switching the antenna cable or even pressing a button. Due to the extraordinary high decoupling of the outputs (70dB), interference between the connected receivers is avoided.

At the same time, the emission of interference to the antenna is effectively suppressed. Up to three receivers can be connected. Non-connected outputs can remain open and do not need to be terminated. With its ESD-protection circuit, the antenna input is protected against short or pulsed voltage surges or short circuits*. The key features are currently listed as follows and may be subject to change:

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  • Large dynamic range
  • Wide Frequency range (VLF - VHF)
  • High intermodulation suppression
  • High isolation between outputs
  • High reverse isolation
  • Inputs ESD-protected
  • USB-Power supply
  • Made in Germany

* The ESD Protection does not replace lightning protection!