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Buoys will be Buoys


Synoptic Weather Data on Long Wave


The German Weather Service (DWD) - on Long Wave


It seems strange but I never yet thought of trying to receive synoptic RTTY weather data from the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst, DWD) on its Long Wave frequency of 147.5kHz (I tuned to 145.4kHz USB). I have been on the service’s short wave frequencies plenty of times before, with varying results, occasionally posted here.


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I used my ELAD for this shack activity, because of its flexible and accurate filtering, which can be customised even more. 


Well, today I decide to visit the ‘basement band’ and found the signal on 145.4kHz USB with my ELAD FDM DUOr and its companion software, FDM SW-2. I found that the signal was booming in straight away and was long-term stable. The other software you see here is Zorns Lemma 11.42, Spectrum Lab 2.95 b8. This setup has now been running reliably for hours, converting some of the number-groups (synoptic) data into pictures of the ships and buoys, from which some of the data originate.




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