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CB Transceiver


Albrecht AE 6290

Great CB Innovation in a Small Form Factor

Nevada has announced a new CB radio from Albrecht with both Vox and CB repeater facilities. The AE 6290 is the first Albrecht CB transceiver with an integrated repeater/relay function.

The unit transmits on one channel and receives on a second channel. The radio automatically switches back and forth between the two channels. This allows communication with weaker, more distant radio stations that are within the range of a relay. The radio range is thus considerably increased.

The key specifications of this new CB transceiver are currently listed as follows:


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  • Multi norm CB radio with all European frequencies
  • ­VOX hands-free function
  • ­CB radio relay/repeater function, freely programmable
  • S-/ Power-Meter
  • AM/FM switching
  • ­TalkBack function to check own modulation
  • SCAN functions for all channels
  • ­Channel 9/19 emergency button (freely programmable)
  • ­Automatic squelch ASQ
  • ­Noise Blanker against radio interference
  • ­Up/Down keys on the radio and the microphone
  • Display illumination in 8 colours
  • ­RJ45 microphone socket […].

(Source: Nevada Radio | Mike Devereux)