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December: RSGB Events at Bletchley Park


An announcement regarding two forthcoming RSGB events at the National Radio Centre.

Just in today, via Anna at the RSGB, is some news of two activities the RSGB will run at its National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park during the weekend of 15 and 16 December.


Hosting of GB18YOTA for YOTA Month 2018

First, the RSGB is excited to be hosting the GB18YOTA callsign.  The RSGB particularly welcomes youngsters (under the age of 26) to join in for this special event station. The NRC is a state-of-the-art radio station, and licensed young people will be able to operate GB18YOTA, calling for stations and working pile-ups. Unlicensed youngsters will be able to send greetings messages over the air and experience the thrill of talking to people from around the world. The event takes place on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December, between 9.30 am and 4 pm. RSGB Members can get into Bletchley Park for free by downloading and printing up a voucher from the first URL, below. Licensed amateurs must bring their licence and photo-ID. Under 16s must attend with an adult, in accordance with Bletchley Park’s admission policy.

Further details about admission and prices can be found at the second URL, below:

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Workshop: An Introduction to Amateur Radio

Second, the RSGB, in association with Bletchley Park, is pleased to offer a new workshop: It is intended to give an introductory insight to amateur radio, for anyone who wants to find out more or get involved in this interesting hobby. There will be people on hand to discuss the various aspects of the hobby and the next steps, should you wish to further your interest. The workshop will consist of a mix of introductory talks, videos and demonstrations, with the morning session being held in a classroom environment. After the workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to visit the RSGB’s National Radio Centre (located within Bletchley Park) to see amateur radio in action. The workshop is suitable for anyone over the age of 17 and must be pre-booked through Bletchley Park at this URL:



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