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Degen DAB119x Multi-Mode Radio


First Impressions

Impressive Coverage and Sound

The new Degen DAB119x has just arrived from Nevada Radio, and I will be testing it for the next issue of RadioUser. The multi-talented device offers DAB and DAB+, FM with RDS, MW, SW, Line-In and Bluetooth.

My first impressions of this good-looking portable for the internet age were very good, and I was impressed by the sound, tactile feel and stylish looks. I connected it to an external HF aerial and pulled in some strong US stations too, in the daytime.

Over the long Bank Holiday weekend, I am aiming to take this out and about a bit and see what it can do.

Re-visit here soon and don’t miss our full review in the forthcoming issue. The radio retails for £139.95 at Nevada Radio.

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