Dragonfly RX-666


A New SDR from the Far East

New: Dragonfly SDR RX-666


Our friends at the SWLing Post and others in the hobby community recently reported on a new SDR receiver from China called ‘RX-666’. Having looked into it, its specs look very interesting on paper: 16bit ADC, max sample rate 32MHz (in theory one could sample the whole LW+MW+SW bands at the same time), USB-3 interface, and tuneable from 1kHz to 1.8GHz.


The SWLing Post notes that its design seems to be a ‘derivative’ of Oscar Steila’s (IK1XPV) BBRF103 SDR. It looks like they upgraded the ADC, made use of a better voltage regulator, and moved to a 4-layer PCB (the original was a 2-layer PCB).

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(Sources: AliExpress, Oscar Steila, SWLing Post)