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DW on Short Wave for Afghanistan (DW)


Dari and Pashto Broadcasts

Launching a New Service

From the 13th of September, Deutsche Welle (DW) has begun broadcasting daily radio programs in Dari and Pashto via short wave, in order to provide more credible information to listeners in Afghanistan. 


The daily programs will be in both the regional languages, Dari and Pashto.


“In Afghanistan, media diversity and free access to independent information are under acute threat,” said Director General of DW Peter Limbourg. “DW has an experienced and skilled editorial team for the region which will contribute to providing better information to the people of Afghanistan with a short wave radio service in Dari and Pashto, in addition to our online and social media offerings.”


The programs will broadcast daily for 30 minutes over the 15230 and 15390kHZ frequencies at 14:00 UTC in Dari, and at 14:30 UTC in Pashto.


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Director of Programs for Asia, Debarati Guha, said the focus of the programs will be on peace, civil society and gender and human rights issues.


“With the new shortwave program, we are also well prepared in case the internet is shut down or restricted in Afghanistan,” she said. “DW will not abandon the people there and will continue to provide them with balanced information.”


(Sources: DW | | |via SWLing Post).



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