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Preview: ELAD FDM-S3

It is here! The new ELAD FDM-S3 Software-Defined Receiver (SDR) has landed on the editor’s desk, and I am still picking myself up from the floor. What a piece of kit. I am 'ELAD-ed'! The FDM-S3 is the third device of the FDM-Sx series. In addition to the usual 192kHz, 384kHz, 1.5MHz, 3MHz and 6MHz bandwidths, it features two additional ones of 12MHz and 24MHz. Frequency coverage range is from 9kHz to 108MHz with pre-amplifier and internal filter for the FM band, an optional downconverter will be soon available to extend frequency covering range over 108MHz. Specifications are out of this world and can be found in detail, in the radio’s manual on the ELAD website (esp. p. 15).


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I have done a first test-run, and we will publish a full review of this radio, including the supplied reference clock GNSS antenna, in the next issue of RadioUser.

My thanks go to Martin at ML&S for the loan of the review model.

You’ll love this one.

GW 100121