Etón Élite Satellit


A New Enthusiast-Grade Portable


Pricing, and Some Context

The new Etón Élite Satellit is on its way This week, some US blogs have published possible prices for the radio, ranging around the US$ 600-700 mark (very roughly £500-600). The radio’s predecessor model, marketed around 2005 as the Eton E1/XM sold for US$499.

Many observers were surprised that a manufacturer issues a new, ‘traditional’ portable Radio at this kind of price point. However, as an avid Short Wave listener and occasional DXer, I am, of course, happy about news on any new radio. The SWLing Post calls it an ‘enthusiast-grade portable’, and I’d have to agree.


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(Sources: Oxford Short Wave Log (UK) | SWLing Post (US) |  Universal Radio (US))

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