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European Radio Show 2020 Paris


A look at the subject of Digital Audio Broadcasting at the European Radio Show in January 2020.

 European Radio Show Puts DAB in the Spotlight

The progress of DAB+ digital radio in France took centre stage at this year’s European Radio and Digital Audio Show in Paris. Hosted at the Hotel de La Villette between 23-25 January 2020, the three-day event brought together stakeholders from across the French radio industry and beyond to discuss the opportunities DAB+ digital radio brings for the radio, manufacturing, retail and automotive sectors.

A number of sessions focusing on the growth of DAB+ digital radio in France were set to feature throughout the event, and speakers at the show will include WorldDAB’s Jean-Marc Dubreuil, who addressed the digital future of the radio industry in France as part of a keynote session taking place on Friday 24 January.

France has made significant progress in the rollout of DAB+ digital radio in recent years, with DAB+ services already available in key cities across the country – including Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lyon and Strasbourg – and national DAB+ services set to launch this year.

(Source: Radio Today UK, 23rd January 2020)

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