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First Impressions: AOR AR 5700D Digital Wideband Receiver


A preview of the new AOR AR5700D

The editor has had one of the first new unites of the AOR AR5700D digital wideband receiver is his shack, prior to a full review in the next issue of RadioUser. This professional surveillance receiver receives both analogue and a large number of digital modes, selecting the right mode automatically upon searching or scanning.

The radio is a very sensitive base station receiver, with the following key specifications (note this is just an excerpt of the full specs list):

  • Dimensions: 304 mm (D) x 220 mm (W) x 97 mm (H); weight ca. 5kg
  • Intermediate frequencies: First: 321.95MHz/ 412.05MHz; Second: 45.05MHz
  • Frequency range: 9kHz to 3.7GHz; dual-band reception; tuning steps 1kHz ~ 999.9999kHz
  • DSP Demodulation, anti-noise, auto-notch and noise reduction
  • Wide-ranging search, scan, priority and scan-pass functions; scan speed 100 ch/ sec (analogue)
  • 2000 Memory Channels (40 banks of 50); memory banks can be linked
  • Digital Modes: DCR (=NXDN), dPMR, DMR, P25, DSTAR, YAESU, EJ-47 [Alinco], T-DM [Tetra direct mode], R-TC (Tetra Traffic Channel)
  • Five VSOs; two Antenna inputs, video output, 10MHz reference output, analogue and digital IQ output, lone, headphones and external speaker output 
  • Audio recording onto SD card; PC connectivity with control software AR-IQ-III (on the dongle).

While I had the radio here, I scanned the bands, from VLF to UHF and received everything from time signals stations, LW, MW and SW broadcast radio and utility stations, to airband and marine, PMR, satellites and far into the UHF area.

I was very impressed with the accurate S-meter and great display, and with this radio's performance on the non-directional beacon (NDB) band and all forms (digital and analogue) of amateur radio. I think this would also make a very good receiver for all those interested in amateur radio astronomy, especially with the use of the control software that comes with the radio.

Watch out for a longer preview of this amazing receiver in the February 2020 issue of RadioUser, and read the full professional review by Tim Kirby, in the March 2020 issue.

AOR Japan:

AOR AR 5700D Manual:

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