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Whitsunday 23 | 05 | 21

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On Whitsunday, 23rd May 2021 the Free Radio Service Holland (FRS) will take to the airwaves with a 4-hour broadcast. On this occasion, programmes will commence at 15:52 UTC/ 17:52 CEST, and close-down will be at 20:05 UTC/ 22:05 CEST. Programmes will be aired on 7700, 5790, as well as 3920kHz.


This will be a special broadcast dominated by 1970s music and: several radio-related items will be aired, all about that era. All mail from March will be handled in the shows. Reports, personal comments and criticism are more than welcome, at the address below. FRS-Holland likes to thank everyone who sent a letter/ e-mail/ reception report back in March. Also thanks to those who sent in encouraging comments about the station’s Anniversary booklet & CD and of course the special November QSL.


Payments for hard copy QSLs can also be made via PayPal.


FRS-HOLLAND Programme-Schedule for Sunday, May 23rd  2021

FRS-HOLLAND Programme-Schedule for Sunday, May 23rd  2021

UTC Time

Programme Schedule

CET Time


Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune



Musical Express- Bert van Leer. Bert will be focussing on a Veronica Top 40 from May 22nd, 1971.



German Show- Jan van Dijk. 
Jan will include a few recordings from 1970s short wave Free Radio stations.



Dave Scott's Radiowaves featuring classic rock from the 1970s and his show will include a land-based free radio or offshore radio extract.



Everything 70s – Mike Taylor plays a fine 70s selection and will play 1970s Free radio recordings.



FRS Magazine- Peter Verbruggen with Made in Holland: entirely Dutch music productions from the 1970s. Including important 1970s events, a music-based Day Calendar & a land-based short wave free radio recording.



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(Sources: Manuel Méndez, Lugo, Spain; via Chrissy Brand)


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