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Free sample of British DX Club (BDXC)


Download your free sample of the June issue of BDXC

RadioUser readers may be interested in the British DX Club (BDXC).The club publishes a monthly journal called Communication, which is available to BDXC members as a printed A5 or as a pdf.

A sample copy of the June issue has been made available at this website as a one-off for Radio Enthusiast readers. BDXC covers all aspects of broadcast DXing - from searching out distant or difficult-to-hear radio stations to listening to the major international broadcasters - on the shortwave, long, medium wave and VHF/FM bands.

Click here to download your free sample of BDXC 

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We also have in-depth coverage of UK domestic radio developments as well as reports on alternative ways of listening to the radio including internet,  and digital radio (DRM/DAB). The club also runs regular social events for members of the broadcast radio and DXing community. Details of how to join the club plus other information can be found in Communication and also at