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Friendship on the Air


A New RSGB Award

The Joy and Friendship of Amateur Radio 

The RSGB is delighted to launch a new award that is designed to celebrate the friendship of amateur radio over the airwaves. Radio amateurs are encouraged to exchange the four-letter identifier of their club and accumulate points for each qualifying QSO.

Through this, you can gain the award. However, the main purpose of the award is to contact other people in a friendly and non-competitive way, connecting with them rather than simply making a quick QSO and moving on. If you’re not a club member but are a member of the RSGB, you can use the RSGB identifier ‘RSGB’.

There will be monthly and annual awards for individuals, clubs and the highest-scoring club in each region. The points system is simply an encouragement to get on the air, represent your club and have a chat with radio amateurs across the airwaves.

The award is part of the wider RSGB-NHS Get on the Air to Care campaign which was created at the start of the pandemic. It has aimed to support radio amateurs living in social isolation, promote mental wellbeing and raise the profile of amateur radio in the mainstream media to help people looking for something to do during the lockdown.

The Society hopes that the Friendship on the Air Award will continue to support the radio amateur community as restrictions lift over the coming months.

The award also links in with the chosen theme of Home But Never Alone for World Amateur Radio Day on Sunday 18 April 2021.

To find out how to take part in the Friendship on the Air Award, visit the RSGB website:

[email protected]

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(Source: Heather Parsons, Communications Manager, RSGB; Tel: 07710 395 012)


N.B: RadioUser regularly reports on many aspects of Amateur (Ham) Radio in its new monthly column, 'Push-to-Talk: Two-Way Radio', authored by Tim Kirby. 








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