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GB1NHS Update


In May 2018 the NHS took an historic step in enhancing its strategic communications capability.

GB1NHS Update

In May 2018 the NHS took an historic step in enhancing its strategic communications capability. It embraced the global communications platform of amateur radio to assist in cascading wellness initiatives across the UK and internationally. PW ran in In Focus feature on the launch in our August 2018 issue. Here’s a brief look at how things have worked out for GB1NHS over the past year.

The NHS amateur radio station was founded by Paul Devlin G1SMP and was initially formed to increase the focus and boost the social movement for a life changing initiative called end pyjama paralysis. The initiative is aimed at preventing the physical deconditioning of patients who are in hospital. The concept was founded by Professor Brian Dolan OBE (photo). Brian is a Visiting Professor of Nursing at Oxford Institute of Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Health Research.

Amateur radio operators and societies all over the world will link up with GB1NHS once again this year to help improve the lives of millions of people. They will be promoting the #EndPJparalysis global challenge event. This will take place between July 10th and 12th.

Since the launch of GB1NHS, the NHS has used amateur radio as the means to reach communities and health services globally. This has been to promote at scale initiatives such as valuing patients time, #TheLast100Days and positive mental health. Additionally, GB1NHS has been used to celebrate notable events such as international nurses’ day, international air ambulance week, allied health professionals day and emergency services day.

Based on this success the GB1NHS will take part in the following special events in 2019:

•       Armed Forces Day June 29th

•       Emergency Services Day September 9th

•       International Air Ambulance Week September 9th

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•       Community First Responders 18/19th

•       World Mental Health Day October 10th

Further special events will be confirmed later in the year.

The NHS amateur radio station will be attending the Emergency Services Show along with NHS Improvement’s Emergency Care Intensive Support Team. The event will take place at Birmingham’s National Expedition Centre on September 18/19th. Admission and parking are free.

The NHS would like to thank Steve Thomas M1ACB RSGB General Manager, Martyn Baker National Radio Centre Coordinator and Pete Sipple Chair of Essex Ham for their continued support with GB1NHS.

Please contact Paul.De[email protected] for further information, Twitter @GB1NHS, or visit:    



This article featured in the July 2019 issue of Practical Wireless

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