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Maintenance Downtimes

Service Interruptions at Pinneberg

Ralf DL0103SWL | DO5RBB, via our regular contributor Chrissy Brand, has shared the news that some more extensive technical work is currently in progress at the DWD Pinneberg weather radio transmitter.

Affected are NAVTEX, Facsimile (Fax), RTTY and voice transmissions. Following a complete shutdown on 16th August, these are the planned dates and times for the remaining downtimes:


23.08.2021 05:00-17:00 UTC

24.08.2021 05:00-17:00 UTC

25.08.2021 05:00-17:00 UTC

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30.08.2021 05:00-17:00 UTC

31.08.2021 05:00-17:00 UTC


(Sources: DWD, via Ralf DL0103SWL | DO5RBB and Chrissy Brand | BDXC)