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Guide to Utility Radio Stations


Klingenfuss 2023/24

A New Edition from the Monitoring Meisters

The 2023/2024 Guide to Utility Radio Stations - and related CDs - have now been published. This is the 32nd edition of this massive and meticulously-researched resource. On 544 pages, the utility monitor, professional or otherwise, will, once again, find dependable and all-embracing detail, in ascending frequency order, on utility frequencies and stations, marine and meteorological transmissions, digital data, marine and aeronautical mobile services, and much more; plus a wealth of those indispensable screenshots and a valuable range of auxiliary information. Line many publications from the Klingenfuss stable, the book stands out, not least because of its general background information on monitoring professional utility radio stations, from legal and political matters, resources and new technical developments, signals analysis and Web-SDR, automatic monitoring and DF. The book moves with the times and remains the best go-to resource of its kind. It will be fully reviewed by David Harris in a forthcoming issue of Practical Wireless.

(Source: Klingenfuss Publications)

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