Visualising Signal Adjustments on the Xiegu GNR1

The Digital Audio Noise Filter in Action

The new Xiegu GNR1 Digital Audio Noise Filter from Nevada Radio has some very interesting features and functionalities. Among them is the digital filtering circuitry. The L-CUT and H-CUT controls enable you to effectively cut off the low or high-frequency components for any given signal.

In the images here, I have visualised this. The DWD RTTY signal on 10,100.8 (10,099.8) USB has been fed into my PC via a U-PHORIA UMC202HD External USB Sound Card. When I opened up SeaTTY, the signal’s twin peaks were clearly visible, and changing L-CUT/ H-CUT on the Xiegu GNR1 produced the screenshots on this page.

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I am reviewing the GNR1 for the July 2022 issue of RadioUser, so come back here again to see how I am getting on.