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High-Tech from Poland: The Silphase R1


Check out this new SDR Receiver

 Innovation and Beauty from Poland


The Silphase R1 SDR is scheduled to be a stand-alone, high-performance SDR receiver with a large screen and good-looking specifications. The receiver is portable and will measure 11.25×4.3×2.2in (285×110×55mm). Looks like the screen will be 5″ which should allow for a detailed spectrum viewing area. For detail, please have a look at the company’s website and product sheet at the URL below. The price is ($1199) (ca €1099) with no expected availability date at the time of this posting.  Watch this space….


From what I can gather, these are some of the specs claimed for this receiver.

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  • Expected Operational Lifetime 30 Years with One Year Warranty
  • 12.6V 12000 mAh, internal battery
  • 20dB LNA
  • 6 input modes buttons (attenuators, adjustable filters, AGC, NB, auto notch filter, NR)
  • AGC (slow, medium, fast)
  • Audio recorder (use the internal flash memory or USB 16GB external flash memory)
  • Battery 12000 mAh, 12.6V (3×3.7V/12000 mAh)
  • Clipping level -3dBm
  • Colour backlit 5″ TFT touch screen display
  • Dimensions (W×H×D) 285×110×55mm; 11.25×4.3×2.2in
  • Direct sampling 16bit high speed 122 M/s ADC
  • DSP (various filters, adaptive noise reduction, automatic notch filter, notch blanker, adjustable filters (0-1KHz HPF,0.5-6KHZ LPF, 50Hz step, etc.)
  • Dual VFO
  • Four internal speakers
  • Frequency coverage RX 0.1–30MHz
  • Frequency resolution 1Hz
  • Frequency stability Less than ±0.2ppm (–10?C to +60?C; 14?F to 140?F)
  • Frequency steps 1Hz to 1KHz
  • Ham radio hardware log
  • IP55 rating for water/dust protection
  • Magnesium alloy body, IP55 (in future IP 67)
  • •Magnesium alloy body/chassis
  • Main filter sharpness Factor 1.05 and lower
  • Main optical encoder and four multifunction encoders
  • Modes: CW, SSB, AM, FM; •Operating temperature range –10C to +60C; 14F to 140F
  • Operating time 20 Hours; •OS QNX (“UNIX-like” real-time operating system)
  • Power consumption RX 0.6 A typical
  • Power supply requirement 12.6 DC ±15%
  • Record to internal “flash memory” (unclear if audio and/or spectrum)
  • Sensitivity 1.8–29.999MHz, SSB/CW: (BW: 2.4kHz at 10dB S/N) – 132 dBm, 0.06?V
  • Spurious and image rejection >90 dBm; •Telescopic antenna with F connector
  • USB out for recording and logging
  • Virtual USB audio card for OS update
  • Weight (approximately) 1.8kg; 4 lbs. […].  

Silphase Technologies, Ul. Danilowiczowska 11/43, 00-084 Warsaw, Poland






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