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​​​​​​​Hilberling Names ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons As Their Only Factory-appointed Dealer


Top-Flight Amateur Transceivers Made in Germany

Exciting News from Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd.

This news just came in from Martin: “During a visit to the Friedrichshafen Radio Show in Germany back in 2006, I came across a new manufacturer that I’d never heard of. I doubt most Hams haven’t either as the company designs and manufactures products at the extreme end of the spectrum, not just for Ham Radio but commercial applications too.  When I say extreme end of the spectrum I am not referring to GHz.  I’m referring to build quality and performance.  Some of you know that I served my electronic apprenticeship in the early seventies with Racal-BCC in Wembley, finishing in the Quality Control department as their senior Quality Auditor. Having spent four years working my way around most of the departments I chose ‘QA’ because of my appreciation for high levels of quality and procedures. They seem to go hand in hand and still do to this day. Wandering through the Hilberling stand I witnessed the newly introduced Hilberling PT-8000A HF-6-4m transceiver and was literally taken aback.

"The big three, Yaesu, Icom & Kenwood produce some magnificent base stations but in my opinion, Hilberling is in a one-horse race all by itself. After almost 16 years of talking and negotiating with the factory in Germany, I am very proud to announce my company is the very first dealer in the world directly appointed by Heir Hilberling for the sale of the PT-8000A transceiver and HPA-8000B 1kW HF-70Mhz linear amplifier.

"To experience the performance and quality for yourself, I do have a demonstrator (that is actually my own station so silk gloves please!!)  set up in the store and will be available for you to try towards the end of June".

For more information on these remarkable top-end pieces of equipment, see:

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