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IC-705 Meter | Digi Rig Mobile | The Elad FDM-S3 SDR


New Products @ ML&S

New and Newly-Available Products


The ICOM IC-705 Meter


The IC-705 has probably spawned more rig accessories than most radios in the last 20 years. We think this one is the most exciting though. The meter’s functionality includes:


  • Mode | Filter settings | Real-time display of operating frequency
  • SWR, Real Power or S-Meter, in both text & a needle on the usual radio-style scale.


Digi Rig Mobile


This is a tiny new digital modes interface. Its main features are described as follows:


  • It combines an audio codec, serial CAT interface and PTT switch.
  • It supports a full-featured CAT interface: PTT, bands, tuning etc. (not just VOX-based PTT).
  • It uses a single USB connection to the computer minimizing the cables mess.
  • The CAT port can be configured for logic levels, RS-232, CI-V or TX-500.
  • It works with all major Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • It is permanently available, independently from the CAT port an open-collector PTT switch.
  • It is controlled by the RTS signal of the COM port, to interface Handies/Mobiles, and so on.
  • Its ancillary connection points to CM108 codec.
  • It uses the widely-supported CP2102 serial interface & CM108 audio codec.


The Elad FDM-S3 SDR (As Reviewed in RadioUser, April 2021: 20)

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Not brand new, but back in stock after a long delay due to component shortages is this high-end SDR, reviewed in RadioUser, April 2021: 20. It is one of the ultimate SDR receivers available today, with the following key features:


•               Receive range: 9kHz-108MHz.

•               Twin antenna input.

•               8 low & high bandpass filters.

•               3-stage attenuator.

•               Selectable Pre-amp.

•               4 independent receivers scanned simultaneously.

•               24MHz bandwidth.

•               Sampling rate up to 122.8MHz variable.

•               Optional GNSS antenna.

•               Free FDM-SW2 software.

•               Compatible with Simon Brown’s SDR Console.


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