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Icom News: The AH-41 Active Antenna System


Using the IC-SAT100 Indoors


Iridium and GNSS Frequencies Covered

ICOM has news on its new active satellite antenna system for using the IC-SAT100 satellite PTT radio in a Building. The Icom AH-41 active antenna system is a new solution that allows a satellite PTT device to connect to satellites by relaying the signal from the roof-mounted antennas to the radios.

By replacing the IC-SAT100 antenna with an external antenna, satellite communication is possible either from a vehicle or building. The AH-41 consists of a pair of outdoor TX and RX antennas and BC-253 ‘power-box’, which injects DC current to the coaxial cable so that the amplifier circuits of the antennas work. The main unit is IP67 waterproof and dust-tight protected for outdoor installation.

It covers both Iridium satellite frequencies and GNSS L1 band frequencies. It provides an excellent solution for expeditions or responders looking to set up logistics/operations or base camp. To download a brochure about this product click on the URL below and visit the Icom UK Satellite PTT Radio section of the Icom UK website.

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(Source: Ian Lockyer, Icom UK; [email protected])