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ICOM: The IC-705 QRP SDR Transceiver


Check Out the Video

A Shack in a Box 


With the release of the much-anticipated IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver just around the corner, Icom UK has managed to get hold of a pre-production sample and give to Bob McCreadie (G0FGX) of TX Films to put it through its paces.  He produced a video with his thoughts and reactions. In the video, Bob goes through a rundown of the IC-705’s many features and picks up on how simple and intuitive the IC-705 is to use. He demonstrates the compact and lightweight body of the IC-705, and the flexibility of its power supply. Moreover, he shows the multiband capability of the radio (billed as ‘a shack-in-a-box’). Furthermore, Bob highlights its impressive, bright and intuitive 4.3″ colour touch screen display as used on other Icom SDR radios like the market-leading IC-7300 and IC-9700 models. Last but not least, he gives us a sneak peek of the LC-192 Backpack designed especially for this radio looks like.


(Sources: ICOM, TX Factor)

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