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Inflatable Antennas


A New Range of Innovative Antennas

Inflatable Antennas by Air Antennas

Air Antennas is the realisation of a long-held ambition of owner and founder, Tom Morris. Tom has a professional background in the antenna industry spanning 15 years. He has also been a passionate amateur radio operator for over 30 years. Tom is recognised authority in the field of antenna design and development, mainly in the GSM, GPS & WIFI sectors.  A ‘light-bulb moment’ in April 2019 led Tom to develop a prototype antenna, the Inflatable Ham Air Antenna. Tom said, “I was tired of the 'long wire' and bulky carrying about, of antennas, so I decided to work on a truly portable system.” The response from the antenna industry and amateur radio community was tremendous and bolstered Tom’s decision to launch Air Antennas. The business operates from a new office in Prestwick, Ayrshire and attracts customers from all corners of the globe. Tom continued: “We are now supplying VHF/UHF Antennas, to Emergency Rescue teams in the USA & Canada, due to the lightweight nature and high performance of the Air Antennas, and this side of the business is growing monthly. I also saw a gap in the market, for top quality, portable RX antennas, for SWLs, military & civil airband listeners, and so on. Therefore, we developed two new antennas for this section of the hobby.  The BlackKnight Military & Civil RX Antenna covers 118 to 450MHz, and the new HF RX Antenna, ranges over the full short wave band (0 to 30MHz), for broadcast AM & SSB/CW. Both models have been receiving great reviews”. The main source of info on these and the other antennas is Tom’s live Twitter feed, @AntennaAir, where you will also find the best-selling dual-band 2m/70cm version and some newly launched ADS-B antennas. Air Antennas is also launching a new TX & RX 'Tri-band' Antenna for the US market, on 2m/1.25m/70cm, 144/220/440Mhz. Tom summarised, “We are continually testing new designs, and will continue to think outside the box, of the conventional way, of designing antennas”.

You can check out a full review of these antennas in one of the forthcoming issues of RadioUser.

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