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Inside the April Issue of RadioUser


First UK magazine review of the new ELAD FDM S-3 high-grade SDR. This is the world’s most talked-about radio at the moment, and our reviewer takes you through its technical specifications, functionalities and possible user-scenarios.

News & Products
Alinco DM5X-GE digital handheld, AOR AR-DV10 updates, MyDelIC-705 Carry Cage, Moonraker Aerials, Vibroplex Morse keys; plus the latest UK and global radio trends and developments. 

Bring Home the Beacon with PskovNDB 
Former editor Andy Thomsett test-drives a remarkable new piece of software by Ivan Monogarov, tailored to the specific needs of NDB monitors and Medium Wave DXers.

European Private Short Wave Radio Stations 
We have the latest compilation of this very popular monthly resource, compiled by RU contributor,  DX expert and radio writer Stig Hartvig Nielsen. 

Book Review
David Harris takes an in-depth look at a new title on the history of GCHQ and Signals Intelligence, and he has read an outstanding biography by a well-liked radio presenter. 

Push-to-Talk: Two-Way Radio  
In this brand-new column, Tim Kirby reports on the very latest equipment, news and developments from the worlds of CB and Business Radio, Network Radio, PMR446, and much more. 

Review: ELAD FDM S-3
In our principal review showcase this month, Clint Gouveia offers his verdict on the features and functionality of the much-talked-about new ELAD FDM S-3 Software-Defined Receiver.

RadioUser Profile: RadioGeeks 
Tom Morris, GM3HNN outlines the past, present and future of his dynamic company and describes one of its key products, the popular Air Antennas.  

TV and Radio Past and Present   
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith discover some intriguing classic radio adverts, launch into the subject of amateur and satellite television and profile some of TV’s greatest graphic designers.

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly is intrigued by maritime voice comms on MF and HF, explains the use of lifeboat transmitters, surfs the NDB Band with his new SDR and shares his quarterly NDB loggings online. 

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Airband News
David Smith starts a new series on communications at UK military airfields, reviews adjustments to ATC protocols owing to Coronavirus and looks at the future of airborne city transport. 

History: Elisabeth Alexander (1908-1958) 
Scott Caldwell highlights the remarkable life and work of the physicist and academic Elisabeth Alexander, a key British pioneer of radio science, radio astronomy and geology. 

Build your own Long Wave Receiver for 198kHz 
Roger Thomas encourages us to construct a simple and fun radio, customized for the reception of BBC Radio 4 transmissions on long wave.

Digital Radio: A Basic Guide  
Kevin Ryan offers a primer to digital radio in all its forms, functions and formats, and he critically assesses the likely future of these kinds of broadcasts.

The International Radio Scene 
Chrissy Brand recommends some international broadcasts and podcasts that will keep active those little grey cells, and she has news on the US short wave scene and one of its young innovators.

Emerging Issues in Radio
Chrissy Brand profiles radio stations and content made by, and for, refugees and shows how migrant radio can help to dispel hatred, stereotyping and fear. 

Waves and the Virus (Part Two)
In the final part of his investigation, the editor ponders how the developing Coronavirus pandemic is affecting amateur radio, local radio, the radio hobby, and the broadcasting industry at large. 

Aerials Now 
Keith Rawlings diligently strives for accurate coaxial cable loss measurement and assesses the continued useability of some great vintage RF power measurement devices.  

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