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Inside the August 2021 Issue of RadioUser


Editor Georg Wiessala talks through some key highlights from the latest issue of RadioUser

News and Products 
Hilberling, Belka DX and the Lab5999 Discovery TX-500; a new version of WSJT-X,  the GQ EMF-390 multi-function meter, and a wealth of news from the national and global radio scenes. 

Take a look at the ‘Ups and Downs’ of a reader with a truly ‘towering’ story to tell.  

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand leaves room to expand the very concept of what constitutes a ‘radio station’, and she sheds some light on the present and future of vital community radio station fundraising. 

Book Review 
David Harris reviews two new titles on the subjects of radio operations behind enemy lines and signals analysis in World War II. These books are highlighting the role of women in this field.

Airband News
David Smith discusses aeronautical weather reports, offers updates on remote towers, checks up on drone testing and emergency landing processes, and details communications at RAF Valley.

David Smith continues by presenting our Guide to the 2021 crop of Air Shows, and displays with an aeronautical or historical flavour, including some very special ‘themed’ summer events. 

European Private Short Wave Stations  
Hot off the press this month, we bring you Stig Hartvig Nielsen’s most recent survey of private short wave broadcasters, including hints and tips on how and when to listen in and enjoy them. 

Feature: The Fading Phenomenon (Part Two) 
In the second chapter of this mini-series, Nils Schiffhauer explains how you can analyse a wealth of specific propagation events, to improve your monitoring and DXing activities. 

In the Editor’s Shack: VLF Reception with the Reuter RLA3 
The editor puts an unusual Reuter Electronics magnetic indoor directional loop aerial to good use in the basement band, with some surprising results. 

Rallies and Events  
Many rally organisers are still wary about returning to the public, but several events are now taking place in late summer and autumn; here is our list. Please always check before you set out. 

Feature: The Story of PanAm Radio  
Mark Allen brings you the story of PanAm Global Radio, a US Long-Distance Operational Control (LDOC) facility in private hands, looking after international aviation across a vast geographical area. 

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TV and Radio Past and Present   
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith beam back to the times of Marconi and early radio, wrap up their mini-series about graphic design in TV and Westward Television and have the latest DX-TV & FM News.

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan reviews the Starwaves DRM SoftRadio App, offers guidance on fake SDRs, reports on the new GB News channel and brings us the latest developments in local, small-scale, DAB radio.

International Radio 
Chrissy Brand enjoys classical music, on the bands and online, and she shares her tips for the best in international radio listening this month, across both traditional and online radio formats.

New Radio Publications 
In this new, occasional, feature, we present a curated selection of interesting club newsletters, radio bulletins, books and articles that have come to our attention this month. 

History: The Lockerbie Bombing 
Scott Caldwell explains the role and impact of communications and radio at the time of the Lockerbie Disaster of 21 December 1988 and reviews the input from groups such as RAYNET.

Aerials Now 
Keith Rawlings tests a Wellgood Loop aerial, considers Loop-on-Ground (LOG) antennas and shares some reader feedback on Uniden scanners and the MINI1300 aerial analysing device. 

PTT: Two-War Radio    
Tim Kirby visits the world of PMR446 enthusiasts, reports on the Freestar Network, disseminates news on repeaters and investigates the fascinating phenomenon of trans-equatorial propagation.

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly showcases climate protection innovation in the maritime world, achieves good results with Pskov NDB software and shares some key tips for seasonal maritime listening.

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